counting 25 years of practical experience

Surgical treatments:

As joint-specialists we offer you a high degree of professionalism, counting more than 25 years of experience in arthroscopic and open-joint surgery.

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, and Ankle

We combine speed, professional competence and a high degree of technical skills through all stages of the surgical process.

Non-surgical treatments:

Chiropractic pain therapy, therapy of osteoarthritis, hyaluronic joint injection, variable magnetic field therapy, extracorporal shock wave therapy, nutrition counseling.

Surgical spectrum in detail

arthroscopic: Acromioplasty, rotator cuff repair, reconstruction of shoulder instability, ablation of calcific deposit open: ranatomical resurfacing of the humeral head, partial or total shoulder replacement

arthroscopic: removal of loose bodies, synovectomy, arthrolysys open: epicondylitis, transposition of n. ulnaris

endoscopic carpal tunnel release arthroscopic discus repair or partial resection, open: snapfinger release, arthroplasty of the CMC joint of the thumb, M. Dupuytren

arthroscopic: removal of loose bodies, removal of osteophytes open: partial or total joint replacement by minimal anatomical incision

arthroscopic: partial resection the meniscus, repair of meniscus tear, removal of loose bodies, microfracturing, cartilage transplantation, cruciate ligament reconstruction open: partial or total joint replacement, correction of varus or valgus deformity

arthroscopic arthrolysis, removal of osteophytes, therapy of osteochondrosis dissecans open: reconstruction of ankle ligaments, achilles tendon repair, total joint replacement

open: correction of hallux disorders, hammertoe, clawtoe, Morton´s toe, hallux rigidus

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